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Quality Control & Assurance :

A state of the art laboratory with sufficient number of highly skill and qualified approved analytical chemist is provided for proper functioning of the quality control laboratory. The laboratory is divided in four different sections namely Instrumental Lab, Wet Analysis lab, Hot Analysis Lab, Microbiological Lab.

Instrumental Lab
To carry-out all sophisticated test described in the pharmacopoeias related to our finished products and raw material the instrumental lab is provided with following equipment :-

  • 3 HPLC
  • 2 GC
  • 1 UV-Spectrometer
  • 1 FTIR
  • 2 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Wet and Hot Analysis Lab
  • Well organized Wet and Hot Analysis Lab with one bench type Fume Extraction Hood.
  • pH meters, Tapped Density Analyzer, Bomb Caloreir Meter, Muffle Furnaces, Ovens, etc.

Microbiology Lab
To test the microbiological burden in the finished goods and process water one microbiology laboratory with dedicated HVAC system terminal HEPA filter and a laminar bench with HEPA filters is provided to maintain proper air quality class as per cGMP guidelines.